Night of the Stars: Parent Info

!!!! IMPORTANT!!!! We realize that this is a ton of info- we ask that you please take the time to read it in its entirety! If you have any questions please reach out to the show organizers, Christine Cohen and Christine Olexa: [email protected] and [email protected]


The Night of the Stars is a talent show for Livingston Ave students!! Acts can be solo acts or performed in a group. In the past we have had singers, dancers, gymnasts, musicians, comedy skits, magicians… just to name a few! If your child loves to perform, this is their moment to shine and share their talents with the LAS community!


• We are thrilled to announce that the Performance will be held on Friday June 10th at 7 pm- in person at Cranford High School!!!!


• All LAS students are invited to perform in or help out with the show. (Siblings/friends from other schools cannot participate) Each LAS student can only be in one act- they can not join multiple groups.


• A Google Form will go live on Friday March 18th and will remain open until Friday April 15th. Please DO NOT MISS THE DEADLINE! If your child is on the fence about performing, please get them signed up. You can always change your mind or make changes to an existing group later on. We will send weekly reminders leading up to the deadline to ensure that no one misses out!!!! **Please note, we need a PARENT to sign up their child/group. Students cannot sign themselves up using their school email. We had several kids do this last year and it made it very difficult to reach the parents.

• Each group should designate ONE parent to sign the entire group up. That parent will be the parent contact for the NOTS organizers. All info about the show will be communicated to that parent and they are responsible for relaying it to the rest of their group. The parent(s) of the group are responsible for holding group rehearsals OUTSIDE of school hours, as well as communicating any changes (song changes, adding/changing members, etc.) to the show organizers.

**The parent contact is NOT automatically a volunteer for the show night. If you are a parent who would like to volunteer for dress rehearsal and/or show night, please let us know because we can definitely use your help!


• Song choices are first come, first serve. We will reach out to you immediately if your song has already been chosen when you sign up. If 2 acts both agree to use the same song, this is completely fine. Info about sending us songs will be sent to parent contacts once sign ups close.

• STUDENT VOLUNTEERS are needed for the show. This is a great way for students to be involved who may not want to perform. A separate Google form will be sent out for volunteers. The jobs we need students for are:

  •  Taking tickets at the door
  •  Handing out programs
  •  Backstage crew (props/microphone etc)
  •  Announcers (5th grade ONLY)

• PARENT VOLUNTEERS will be needed for the following jobs (a Signup genius will be sent)

  • Checking in students on rehearsal/show night
  • Supervising groups from the time of check-in to their seat and escorting then backstage
  • Supervise backstage crew with the props, microphones and working the curtain
  • Supervise announcers to ensure they are following script and show runs smoothly
  • Dress rehearsal will be Monday June 6th. (Time TBD) This rehearsal is MANDATORY for performers and volunteers.

**Please note that only the signed up Parent Volunteers will be permitted at Dress rehearsal (NOT the parent contact for the group, unless they have also volunteered for a specific job for the show)

• If you have a group that is looking for additional members, please reach out to the show organizers asap and we will do our best to help!

We realize the above is a lot of information to digest, so again if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out!

Thank you!

Christine Cohen and Christine Olexa