Yearbook Photos, Get Those Camera’s Snapping

Please remember to upload your pictures onto the TreeRing app. We would love to see the faces of all LAS students in the yearbook. There is also a separate folder for Virtual Learning. Since everyone will be doing virtual learning, please take and upload pictures of your children that attend LAS and add them to the corresponding folder.

If you are a 3rd grade parent, please log into your TreeRing account and update your child’s new school info. Once you log in, there should be a drop down menu and prompt you to switch their school from WAS to LAS.

4th and 5th grade parents, please update your child’s class/teacher’s name after you log in. This will help us greatly when it’s time to distribute yearbooks.
5th grade parents…your yearbook is paid for by the PTA. Please do not purchase it unless you want two copies!!! Simply just log in and update your child’s teacher info.

As always, if you have any questions about the yearbook, please feel free to contact Mei Seeto ([email protected]) or Nicki D’Andrea.