Yearbook Photos

Please note the following guidelines when submitting photos

    • Please check the quality of the photo (do not submit blurry images)
    •  Please do not submit multiple photos of the same shot (choose and submit the best one)
    • Please only submit photos from LAS events (do not submit WAS events, birthday parties, etc. ) 

Get your pictures in the yearbook! We invite students and parents to submit photos for the yearbook. If you enjoy taking pictures, we’d like to see them. Our photographers can’t be everywhere. Please help us get as many photos as possible to create a terrific 2018 – 2019 LAS yearbook.

Here is how you can submit photos online:
• Go to:
• If it does not automatically log you into the site, enter username: 410643676
• Browse to select the photo(s) you wish to upload.
• Enter information about the photo and provide contact information in case the staff needs additional information.
• Click “Upload Chosen Images”.

It’s that easy! Submit your photos today! The last day to submit photos is 03/15/2019.

Thank you, and enjoy the rest of the school year!

You can also submit photos directly from your smart phone:

  • Download the “ReplayIT” app. To your phone
  • Follow prompts to register
  • Select Livingston Avenue School 2018 – 2019
  • Follow directions to upload your photos directly from you image library

It’s that easy! Submit your photos today! The last day to submit photos is 03/15/2019

Any questions please contact Tricia at [email protected]

The Yearbook Staff will review all photos and determine final yearbook content. We cannot guarantee that all submissions can be used in the book.