PTA Info

IMG_8516Thank you for all the hard work you do as a member of the PTA. If we owe you money, please submit this LAS PTA Request for Payment with your receipts promptly. There is a box in the office where you can drop it off.

Parents: Here’s a copy of the LAS Parent Information if you need another. Please be sure to get these forms back to your class parents.

Thank you.



Box Tops For Education

Box Tops as of 11/26/15 Guarini 524 Murphy 155 Timm 348 Normann 351 Curti 380 Riley 129 Rogers 257 Sickles 792 Damato 486 Ferguson 441 Marcin 316 Radigan 185 No name 651 Congratulations to Mrs Sickles class for earning a popsicle party! Not familiar with the Box Tops program? Here is what to do: Clip …

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Here’s our approved budget for 2013-2014. If you are chairing an event, be sure to stay within budget and contact our Treasurer if you are in jeopardy of going over. LAS PTA budget 2013-14

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eLabels for Education

  The Labels for Education program is a great way to get FREE merchandise for our school and it’s even better this year!  To meet our goals, we need to collect points — simply save proofs of purchase (UPC codes) from participating products and send them in to our school!   Please click here  for a complete list …

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Looking to join the oldest and largest child advocacy association in America? You came to the right place.   Membership infö for the 2017 – 2018  school year to come….

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Yearbook Photos

Please note the following guidelines when submitting photos Please check the quality of the photo (do not submit blurry images)  Please do not submit multiple photos of the same shot (choose and submit the best one) Please only submit photos from LAS events (do not submit WAS events, birthday parties, etc. )  Get your pictures …

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