Night of the Stars

Livingston Avenue School



Friday, January 20, 2017, CranfordHigh School

Do you like to sing or dance?  Do you play an instrument, cheer or tumble?  Do you like sports or can you put on a skit?  Do you like magic or joke telling?  Maybe your talent is behind the scenes, as a director or producer?  We believe you all have something special to show us and you can do so at the Annual Night of the Stars.

Night of the Stars is a fantastic night where all students can and should be involved.  It is a night where students design, plan and choreograph their own acts and then perform in front of friends and family.  Performances can be solo or with a group, in front of the audience or behind the scenes as a member of the stage crew.  We encourage you to sign up quick, get your acts together and show us what you are made of.

Here are the RULES

  •   Acts cannot exceed 3 minutes
  •   All performers must attend practices and mandatory dress rehearsal (dates TBA)
  •    Each act must provide their own props
  •   Music must be clean and appropriate
  •  Acts should be fully prepared before the first practice rehearsal
  •  Practices are not held at the school
  •  Practices are held in your homes or you can reserve the community center
  • Please provide your song, if you are a musical act, by 12/19/16
  •  You will be notified of duplicate songs in the event you wish to change
  • Please send downloads of songs to [email protected] If you cannot download a song, notify Tricia Caminos who can download it for you – if it is mainstream.  NO CD’s
  • If your child wants to perform but cannot find a group to be part of, contact us. We can help.

We are here to help make this an amazing night for the children.  Contact us with any questions or concerns.

Tricia Caminos, 908.487.1499, [email protected]