Class & Grade Parents

Thank you to all of our class and grade parents for all that you do for our children!

Third Grade

Grade Parent: Michelle DeMera  – [email protected]

Mrs Guarini:  Maggie Petino – [email protected] and Ewa Wall – [email protected]

Mrs. Kaplan:  Chrissy Aventi – [email protected] and Kimberly Murphy – [email protected]

Ms. Norman: Kathy Ferruggia –  Kathy [email protected] and Kristen Mider – [email protected]

Mrs. Timm:  Jennifer Soberal – [email protected] and Suzana Carvalho – [email protected]


Fourth Grade

Grade Parents:  Kelly Sommers – [email protected] and Eric Rubinson – [email protected]

Ms Curti:  Shannon Nixon – [email protected] and  Susan LaChance Shih – [email protected]m

Mrs. Riley: Jennifer Ebert – [email protected] and Marcy Duarte – [email protected]

Ms.Rogers: Susan Neglio – [email protected] and Lori Smith – [email protected]

Ms.Rozman: Kimberly Hartman – [email protected] and Jennifer Covello – [email protected]


Fifth Grade

Grade Parents: Cheryl Weaver – [email protected] and Amy Arato – [email protected]

Mrs. Ferguson: Matt Dugan – [email protected] and Billy Mack – [email protected]

Mrs. Marcin:  Erin Marks – [email protected] and Stacey Connors – [email protected]

Mrs. Radigan: Jennifer Ryan – [email protected] and Amy Kowalski – [email protected]

Mr. Tunnell: Karen Lledo [email protected] and Colleen Tripodi – [email protected]

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