Class & Grade Parents

Thank you to all of our class and grade parents for all that you do for our children!

Third Grade

Grade Parent:
Natalie Plater – [email protected]

Mrs Guarini:
Melissa Switzer – [email protected]
Luciana Gutierrez – [email protected]

Mrs. Kaplan:
Nutan Rubinson – [email protected]
Lori Smith – [email protected]

Ms. Norman:
Tracey Durko – [email protected]
Karla Kelly – [email protected]

Mrs. Timm:
Kelly Sommers – [email protected]
Andrea Yurcisin – [email protected]


Fourth Grade

Grade Parents:
Jennifer Ryan – [email protected]
Dave Butka – [email protected]

Ms Curti:
Heather Moretti – [email protected]
Marcy Kielcynksi – [email protected]

Mrs. Riley:
Cheryl Weaver – [email protected]
Reshma Bhat – [email protected]

Dave Falk – [email protected]
Scott Patton – [email protected]

Stacey Connors – [email protected]
Amy Kowalski – [email protected]


Fifth Grade

Grade Parents:
Jean Mannix – [email protected]
Felice Brown – [email protected]

Mrs. Ferguson:
Vanessa Struble – [email protected]
Tracey Dwyer – [email protected]

Mrs. Marcin:
Myrland Cisneros – [email protected]
Marcy Duarte Perkins – [email protected]

Mrs. Radigan:
Rebecca Scotti – [email protected]
Laurie Liss – [email protected]

Mr. Tunnell:
Jennifer Hunt – [email protected]
Cherise Mazur – [email protected]